Tuesday, 19 June 2012


I was thinking today! Should I show you a card that I've most recently made or should I go into my back catalogue as I have so many photos of cards that I have made and haven't seen the light of day for years.  So what I thought I would do is spend the next 5 days showing some cards that I've made in the past.

I made this card for my Mother-in-Law's birthday back in June 2006 - so only just after I made the last one I posted a couple of days ago.  Another card pre-Spellbinders, Promarkers, etc!

My MIL keeps all my cards that I've given her over the years.  They really mean a lot to her and I think she loves the fact that someone has spent the time making them for her.

I just want to thank everyone who has taken time to read my posts and leave comments on my blog.  They are very much appreciated and I have been absolutely delighted with the positivity shown towards my work!

I would love to receive your comments!

Supplies Used:

Ivory Pearlescent Card - The Paper Mill Shop 
Vintage Ladies Stamps - Hero Arts 
Inks - Pretty Color
Pearlescent Paper - Craftwork Cards 
Skelton Leaves - Papermania 
Corner Stamps - Not Sure of Brand 
Handmade Paper 
Purple Gemstones - Papermania 
Ribbon - From Stash 
3d Foam Pads 
Gold Rub On Lettering - Not Sure of Brand 

Looking Back, I think this is quite a technical card considering I was still a beginner.  There's lots of different techniques and details.  Personally I think its strong points are the colours used and the tag and the over stamping of the vintage ladies.

You can tell I used to teach for Adult Education, I'm even giving myself constructive feedback!


  1. Hi Sarah. It's nice to look back at old cards and see how your style changes. My Mum has kept all the cards I've sent her too.
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. The package I used for the photos is called Photoscape and can be downloaded for free off the internet. Just google it. The combination picture is done from the 'Page' icon. Hope that helps.
    Hugs, Janine xx

  2. This had a lot to it if you were a beginner - I darent publish mine!

  3. Hi Sarah

    Your post made me smile and sent me down memory lane. Your vintage ladies are one of the very first stamp sets my Sister and I bought when we first went to craft lessons.

    But my cardmaking techniques on still ever allow me to stamp them square and not overlapping as artist you did!!

    Love looking at your ebay store too. You have lots of goodies for sale.

    Love Jules xx

  4. Marvellous card for a beginner. No wonder your M.I.L. kept it.

  5. Hello Sarah, Awww, it's always so nice to know our friends and family care enough about our crafts they want to keep them, it always amazes me I must say....just been having a look around your blog, you have some gorgeous work, have become a follower to, thanks for joining my followers, it's great when you get more isn't it...lol...xxx

  6. Everyone loves a handmade card and they're much more likely to keep it than something shop-bought. I rather like this one of your early designs - the colours are lovely and I like the border you made with the vintage ladies! Vicky x