Sunday, 24 August 2014


Hello Bloggers.  Firstly I must apologise for the length of time I have spent away from my blog.  It's been 15 months.  Those of you who remember me posting about my Mother-in-Law's cancer and death at 67 February 2013, 11 weeks later my Father-in-Law also passed away at 68 from a heart attack.  My life has been in a bit of a spin since and updating my blog has been the last thing on my mind.

I have always loved the Tim Holtz and mixed media look.  Anyway, I have this book called Doodles unleashed in which the author draws faces of women.  This took me back to my childhood where I used to love to draw glamorous looking women inspired by catalogue models and Joan Collins.  

After plucking up a bit of courage, I decided to have a go and these are my very first attempts - Hope you like them:-

This is my very first attempt.  I was just doodling around last night because I was so bored of what was on TV.  I grabbed an ordinary pencil and drew her outline and hair in that. I coloured her in in Derwent coloured pencils, crayola metallic pencils and outlined her eyes and mouth in blue biro - I could not find my black micron 0.5 this morning so that has to do - I was only practising anyway.  I was really pleased with my very first attempt.

I then decided to take a look online and found a blog called Collage-Couture Faces where there was a PDF tutorial you could download to give step by step simple instruction on how to draw faces like you would see in mixed media so I then had a go at that - this is the result:-

This one looks a bit more polished I think.  I've found an online course that I would like to do on how to draw these faces it is called Paint a Mixed Media Girl by self taught mixed media artist Claudia Rossi

Thanks for looking.

Sarah x